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Who is Barnett Gas Consultants?

Barnett Gas Consultants, (BGC) was founded in 2012 by Veteran Oil and Gas Professionals with nearly 90 years combined experience in the Oil and Gas Industry. The Genesis of the company was constant phone calls and discussions with mineral owners as to "What happened to the minerals I leased to Company A?; or 'How do I know I'm included in a pooled unit ?," or "I don't think we've been paid correctly," etc.

Drilling in the various shale plays across America has created thousands of mineral owners with new producing royalties, many of which were overwhelmed by the complexities of Horizontal Drilling.

The same complexities, such as pooling as many as a thousand mineral tracts to form a single producing unit, have created not only the largest Oil and Gas boom in American History, but also created a field that is ripe with error. A single keystroke or data entry error can mean thousands of dollars of lost revenue to a mineral owner. In our first week of operations, BGC found over $500,000.00 worth of errors for our clients, a total that continues to grow daily.  

In addition BGC has served over 20,000 clients in various capacities since 2012, successfully resolving in excess of 450 lawsuits totaling tens of millions of dollars.

Key Items:
  • Post production Deductions
  • Pooling Issues
  • Contract Issues (OGL)
  • NGL's (Natural Gas Liquids)*
  • Division Orders

*(This is a large problem, if you are in a play with NGL's you should contact us immediately, it is highly likely you have been grossly underpaid !)

These are just some of the topics a Forensic Audit will uncover, working closely with County Records, Comptrollers Office, Government Entities (Railroad Commission (Tx),  Corporation Commission (OK), Office of Natural Resources (La), etc and knowledge of Oil and Gas lease and pooling regulations on a state by state basis by our legal department); accurate mapping by one of our GIS Arc Map specialists is very important as well. BGC has worked in virtually every new play in the U.S., we know a lot because we've seen a lot !

All of this starts with a very affordable audit (overview) to see where you stand.

Contact us today and let us find the royalties you deserve.


Latest News

Devon Energy is being sued for allegedly using sham transactions to underpay thousands of property owners in North Texas millions of dollars in royalties from natural gas processed through a Bridgeport plant.


Chesapeake Energy, trying to put its troubles in the Barnett Shale behind it, is settling hundreds of lawsuits that accuse the company of cheating property owners out of millions of dollars in natural gas royalties.


It’s not a question Chesapeake Energy hears very often: Why is my royalty check suddenly bigger?


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