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Contact us today for your free consultation with information about your land and mineral interest ownership.

We Go To Work

Our team conducts a complete forensic analysis using proprietary techniques and our unique knowledge of the oil & gas industry to account for all monies owed to you as a mineral or working interest owner.

You Get Paid!

Our team handles, mediation, arbitrator services, litigation support, asset management, conflict management, counseling services and project negotiation.

Royalty payments are made to you, the mineral interest owner, by the energy company when oil or natural gas is extracted from your land. Royalties, which are based on the terms agreed to in the lease, recognize the landowner’s right to a portion of the value of the oil or gas resulting from the lease of exploration rights.

Across many states mineral ownership rights vary and often are a continually evolving part of state legislation and law. In some cases, until laws or circumstances are outlined better, some parties to the transactions due to the operational or legal aspects of a project have failed to fulfill their contractual obligations. This has left unpaid assets in suspense, royalties not getting paid to the proper mineral owner or correct entity that is entitled to receive it, as well as underpaid royalties based on excessive post production deductions or miscalculations of oil, gas, and natural gas liquids produced.

Barnett Gas Consultants is a company that was set up to ensure that proper accounting and payment have been given to all parties involved in the lease agreements, assignments, joint ventures or other contractual obligations related to oil and gas exploration.

Things to Consider

You need to ask yourself a number of important questions when you have real or mineral property ownership.

  • What kind of interest do I have?
  • Have I received a division order that outlines my billing schedule?
  • Have I received a division order that outlines my payment schedule?
  • What are the terms of my lease agreement?
  • Are there wells or new production in my area?
  • How do I confirm my calculated payments?
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